Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calories are Good

Today I had a redo.

After my ride on Thursday of the Musselman course, I was very nervous about my race. Even though the ride did not go well, I did learn a lot and decided to put it into practice today.

Here was my workout today:

Bike: 3h 12m 24s 52.52 miles 16.38 Mi/hr

Run: 30m 02s 3.27 miles 09m 11s/Mi

It was soooo much better than Thursday. The key was the calories and the water. On Thursday I took in 40 oz of water with electrolytes and 390 calories over 3 hours 42 minutes.

This is what I did today:

70 oz NUUN (I love this stuff, by the way. Yummy flavors, electrolytes, no calories.)

6 Shot Blocks - 200 cal.
3 gels - 280 cal.
1 Larabar - 190 cal.

Total calories - 670

That is just a tad over 200 calories per hour. I felt like I was eating the whole time. Basically I ate gels every 40 minutes or so, with a couple of shot blocks in between. I ate the Larabar at around 2 hours and it really hit the spot. I had a couple more blocks and one more gel about 10 minutes before I got off the bike.

I went straight into my run (after a quick potty break), and the first 15 minutes my legs felt terrible, but after that I found my rhythm and was able to finish the last 15 minutes with no problem. I had no stomach issues at all, which is what I was most worried about with all of the food.

I feel so much better today than after my ride on Thursday. As long as I hydrate and fuel the way I need to, I should be able to finish just fine!! Now, I just have to figure out how to do all of that and go fast too!!


  1. Awesome workout, Kelly --- and great job nailing down the nutrition!

  2. Great training---and hitting the nutrition in training not only makes you feel better in training, but truly builds the confidence and ease of mind for racing!


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