Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sunday Report and Some Big News

Someone (definitely not me, but I can't remember who) once said that training is like making deposits in a bank that you withdraw from on race day.

I like that. Training is more than just about one day, or one week--it is the process that gets you to the finish line (not the start) of any race or goal. Sometimes it's hard to make that deposit, sometimes it's easy, but they all add up to a nice big nest egg that will be there on race day (which, by the way, is July 19--exactly three months from today!)

Here is my weekly deposit:

Swim: 4700.00 Yd 1h 49m 30s
Bike: 29.95 Mi 3h 12m 17s
Run: 26.02 Mi 4h 14m 07s

Total: 9h 15m 54s

My training schedule called for a 4.5 hour bike today. I only got in 1.5, and the rest of my training for the day consisted of hosting Ryan's 6-year birthday party. It went really well, with few mishaps. I might have a black eye tomorrow from being hit with the pinata (that should definitely count for at least 43 min. on the bike), but other than that, all was well!!

Now for the big news...

I'm pretty sure I can see my abs!!!!!!!!!! It's definitely not a 6-pack or even 4, BUT there is some definition happening there. I asked Kel, and made him promise to tell me the truth, and he said (after looking in a couple different light settings, having me twist this way and that, and then telling me to pull my shirt up higher...) that he could definitely see "something."

I'll take it!

Have a great week!!

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  1. That is so utterly fantastic!! It's just a matter of time before they will be visible in any light!


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