Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Long Run

I had my longest run ever today. Not my longest run of the season, or the longest run this year, but the longest I have ever run in my entire life!! Fifteen miles, and they felt great.

I had no stomach issues today. I left about 6:30 a.m. having just eaten a Luna Bar. I took 16 oz of Powerbar electrolyte drink (0 calories), 16 oz of water, and 2 gels. (I also had a pack of Clif Shot Blocks with me, but they fell out of my pouch, and when I found them on the way back it looked like an animal had found them first. Oh well, I didn't need them anyway.)

Here are my splits:

1: 9m 57s
2: 9m 44s
3: 09m 50s
4: 9m 45s
5: 9m 38s
6: 9m 57s
7: 9m 44s
8: 9m 49s
9: 9m 38s
10: 9m 47s
11: 9m 50s
12: 10m 12s
13: 9m 58s
14: 10m 07s
15: 10m 06s

Fairly consistent pace throughout, but I was tired the last 2 miles. All in all, a great run!!


  1. Kelly
    Terrific run: it sounds like an all around success in terms of the 3 Ss of running: splits, stomach and speed. As well as spirit, success and strength.

  2. Awesome job today. I am dreaming of a 15 mile run someday.

  3. congratulations ! way to keep even speeds, and WAY TO GO on the longest run ever !


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