Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buttercup's Adventures: Beyond the Trainer

Today was Buttercup's first outdoor ride. This is how it went down...

First I rechecked my front tire by taking out the tube, and then checking for any spokes or sharp things that might pop it, and then putting it all back together. (I did it much faster this time, without the aid of any written material!)

Then I pumped up the tires...this takes me longer than it should, but I'm getting better.

I got all dressed. It was in the 50's and cloudy. I dug out my helmet and my new bike gloves, put on my RoadID, filled up the water bottles, got my cell phone, shoes and Garmin on, got outside...

and it started to sprinkle.

I rode around the block and decided to head back in. I put Buttercup back on the trainer and rode for about 25 min., and the sun came back out, so I headed back outside. (I'm nothing if not persistent!) I got about 55 minutes in before the sprinkles started again, so I headed back inside to finish up on the trainer.

Here are my thoughts about riding outside:
  • Finally!!!
  • Wow, I really feel like I'm going fast!
  • My tender places do not like this saddle.
  • This feels much harder than I expected it to.
  • I'm in the small ring, so why does this feel so hard??
  • What am I going to do on hills if I can't even ride on a flat road without shifting down?
  • Is it the bike or me?
  • What is that sound when I brake?
  • It feels so good to be outside...and I'm not even cold!
  • Must get a new saddle...and possible reposition aerobars. I think they are too far forward, or my saddle is too far back.
  • I finally feel like I can shift into the big ring, I shift, and it goes into the small ring...I was in the big ring the whole time!! What a relief, but, man, I am such a dork sometimes.
  • I am really going to have to practice drinking and eating while riding. I definitely don't feel very comfortable using just one hand.
  • Home sweet home! Safe and sound!

I'm glad I finally got outside. To be perfectly honest, I think I was a little bit scared to get out on the new bike. Now it's done, and I can ride away!!


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