Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in Numbers

April is done, and with 2 days until my first race, here are the numbers:

Bike: 23h 10m 10s - 263.13 Mi
Run: 13h 20m 12s - 81.16 Mi
Swim: 7h 44m 19s - 19900 Yd

Total: 44h 14m 41s

Run and swim are about the same as last month, but bike was way up. I'm going into the third month of half-iron training, and I feel great.

I hope you had a great month, too!


  1. Kelly
    April was a month of Buttercup love! Excellent numbers. 44 hours!
    I will see you at the Goat.

  2. Great month - good luck this weekend!


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