Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sunday Report

I was off work this week, so it was a great training week, until I got a cold on Friday. I cut back my workouts a bit on Saturday and Sunday, but still had some good numbers.

Swim: 5650.00 Yd 2h 21m
Bike: 11.88 Mi 4h 37m 20s
R: 16.92 Mi 2h 46m 30s

Total: 9h 45m 11s

Core Workouts: 2 five-minute sessions

Pushups: 2 five-minute sessions

If you have really been paying attention, you will know this is the first time I've put miles in for biking. The reason for this is my new Garmin Cadence Sensor. I bought it instead of a bike computer for Buttercup, and my wonderful husband installed it in time for my 60-minute recovery ride on Wednesday. That was the last time I was on the trainer, but I can't wait to use it during a regular ride, to check out my cadence and mileage.

I'm still nursing a cold today, but got out anyway for a 7.9 mile run, nice and easy. I'm really starting to enjoy these long runs even more than the short ones. They feel so nice, and I can just run and listen to music, and have some quiet time to myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I might be a runner!!

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  1. Kelly
    Great week! I am sorry to read about the cold-thankfully Spring is in the air.


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