Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sunday Report

Here are the numbers:

Swim: 4550.00 Yd 2h 00m
Bike: 4h 09m 44s
Run: 19.29 Mi 3h 11m 34s

Total: 9h 21m 28s

Core Workouts: 3 x 15m

Pushup Workouts: 3 x 15m

A great first week of Half-Ironman training! I didn't get all of the planned workouts in because my mom and sister were visiting from Florida, but I had already decided to not get worried about that. One funny thing that I noticed about this week was how many showers I took. Fourteen all together!! Now my back is very itchy and dry. Ahhh...the life of a triathlete!

I also had an amazing run today. I ran 9 miles in 1h 26m and kept my heart rate in Zones 2 and 3 for most of the time. My average heart rate was 161 which is right in the middle of my Zone 2!! All of that with an average pace per mile of 9:35!! Woo-hoo!

Have a great week!!


  1. Kelly
    Excellent numbers-what a huge jump now that you are into the official training. Is the core work also part of it?
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Ben!! The core workout is kind of part of it, but really just something I need to do. I've been putting it off ever since Noah was born!!

  3. That run really is great. It's such an accomplishment to go that pace in a lower zone. Excellent, excellent work.

    I know what you mean about the showers. I just live under a ballcap these days. Hairspray's becoming an artifact in my house.

  4. amazing workouts! great week !!


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