Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What to do with a bad workout and my favorite new treat.

So I got to the gym today and was all ready for a great workout. I hopped on the treadmill with a plan to run 30 minutes followed by a 45 minute swim. What is that saying about the best-laid plans??

I began my run and my achilles was so tight. I stopped after half a mile and stretched and began again. Still tight. I stopped and stretched. Began again. Still tight. After 1.5 miles I stopped and decided to walk. The walk felt fine, so I ran a bit. All in all I got 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes. Not bad, but my mental state was not great. (Let me add that I think my achilles was tight because I wore high-heeled boots yesterday for about 8.5 hours...ever a slave to fashion am I.)

After my not-so-great run, I headed to the pool. Saw a good friend in the locker room and had to chat. I'm trying to convince her to do Irongirl Syracuse in July. She mentioned something about not wanting to swim, but I totally think she can do it (right, M.??). I make it to the pool deck and see a few others who want to say hi. As I head over to the single lap lane that is open with one person swimming in it already, I see another woman making her way over, mere seconds ahead of me. I scoot over as quickly as I can and get there at the same time as the woman who is laden with a flotation belt, kickboard, dumbbells, fins and a styrofoam cup of steaming coffee. (I guess she was using caffeine as her nutrition.) I asked her if she was swimming laps, and then basically convinced her to let me swim first. Fortunately (for her) the other person in the lane only had about 15 minutes left. I ended up swimming a pretty good 1200 yards before I called it a day. (I still don't get the really just became my justification for practically jumping in before she could even agree to let me!!)

So, I got about 50 minutes of training in, but my heart just wasn't in it. Here is the thing, though--fifty minutes of less-than-stellar training is way better than nothing, right? What does one do about a bad workout? I call it a day and then move on. There is always tomorrow.

Now on to my new favorite treat. I was at Earth's Own Marketplace in Liverpool (if you haven't checked it out, you should), and found dates in their bulk food section. Oh my. If you want a sweet treat that is all natural with tons of fiber and anti-oxidants, try some dates. It is like eating candy. One date has about 25 calories, so don't overdo it!!


  1. I love, love, LOVE dates. Not the sugar-coated chopped dates you buy in a box, but the ones you're describing. Didn't know they were THAT high in cals, though. Yikes.

    Bad workouts really make me appreciate the good ones because, without them, I wouldn't know so clearly what a good one's supposed to be. Great attitude about it.

  2. Kelly
    The mystery of the bad workout is only slightly less complex than the mystery of the surprise amazing workout. Great recovery!

  3. I had a horrible run yesterday. Everything just felt off (and it was really cold). I'm glad I read your post before I went out there. I just kept telling myself "Just do the time, stick to the plan. Even Kelly has bad workouts sometimes." :-)

  4. I hate those types of workouts :( but you are right --- it's better than NO workout. have a great weekend :)


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