Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sunday Report

Swim: 2200.00 Yd 45m
Bike: 1h 20m
Run: 4.89 Mi 45m 20s

Total: 2h 50m 20s

A dismal week of workouts, mostly because it was just a crazy week. Noah was sick on Monday, so no gym. I was practicing like mad for my recital. Then there was the no gym bag episode on Friday. Are these excuses? I'm giving myself a pass this week because of the recital and the sick child, but this will be the lowest total you will see in a long, long time!

On a good note, I think I have finally made flossing a habit (finally, a good habit!) I hardly even have to think about it these days!

Here's to a new week, my friends! Train hard--I plan to.


  1. Here's to putting a bad week behind you and claiming the new week's blank slate before you! Happy training...Lora

  2. A new week of training means a new week of wonderful potential. And flossing. Happy training.


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