Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm fast and I have proof.

My proof is in the form of a speeding ticket!!

I was on my way to the gym yesterday, minding my own business, not in any particular hurry, and I got pulled over. Of course, Ryan and Noah were wondering why we were stopped, and then the sheriff's deputy came up to the car. I innocently asked him if I was going too fast, and he said, very nicely, that I was, and then proceeded to very politely tell me that I am not public enemy number one (that is a quote, the way), but I was going way too fast. I didn't feel like I was going fast--I wasn't even in a rush!! Shouldn't that count for something?

Here's the problem...I have a little bit of a history of speeding. So I had to call the attorney that I used to work for to ask him to "take care of it." How embarrassing.

If only I could somehow translate my speediness while driving into speed on the run, I would be all set!


  1. Oh, boo on the speeding ticket! that sucks! I'm a prosecutor but I can't help you out ;)

  2. On your next run, pretend you are a car-some fast car that eats hills and straight aways. You could even make the motor noises...

  3. "Shouldn't that count for something?" I love it! :) It SHOULD count for something, that's for sure.

    Sorry you got pulled over. That just always stinks and puts a damper on the day.

  4. Have you ever exceeded the speed limit on a bike?

  5. Hmmm...I think that is an excellent goal!


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