Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Farewell to Sugar

Beginning tomorrow, I am eliminating all added sugar from my diet.

(WHAT???? ARE YOU CRAZY!!??!!??)

Actually, yes I am! My weight has been pretty much stuck where I am now for almost a year. (I gained a little over the holidays, lost it last month, and am right back to what I call my "set-point".) I decided that if I ever wanted to get below that point I have to get serious. So, I joined the Spring No-Sugar Challenge on I won't go into the nitt-gritty details of the challenge, but basically any added sugar or sweeteners (sugar, honey, corn syrup, syrup, fructose, glucose, splenda, equal...) are off limits.

Now let me say, this is not just about losing weight. One of my goals for the year is to eat more whole foods and less sugar, so this is just going to give me a little more motivation.

To mark this day, I have decided to write a little poem.

A Farewell to Sugar
My friend,
sweet on my tongue
a kiss of dark brown goodness,
I will miss,
miss the golden beauty
of a bee's bounty
breaking my fast,
miss the warmth of
clouded with cream,
miss the doughy deliciousness
stolen off the mixing spoon.
my sweet, sweet friend.
I will find you anew
in the scarlet heart
of a berry flecked with seeds,
in the chewy bite of a date,
in the pearl of pear juice
making a path down my chin,
in the crisp crunch of
a crimson globe.
Farewell and hello.

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  1. I really liked your poem but I am giggling because you wrote a poem about sugar. Good luck with your new challenge.


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