Saturday, February 14, 2009

Evil in the form of a cookie.

Eleven thin mints!! Eleven!!! How in the world can I stop eating these beautiful little circles of minty chocolate? They find their way into my mouth even while my brain is saying, "No!! Not the Thin Mints! You will never stop once you have begun!"

Two Samoas. This was before my trainer ride which was before the eleven Thin Mints which was before the guilt that is making me post this sad, sad window into my love of circular cookies sold by cute girls for an outrageous price.
Evil, hateful little cookies.


  1. I love you, Kelly!!

    The evil form was passed around our office a few weeks ago and I resisted the urge, although I almost convinced myself I was doing it solely for the good of the community.

    Yeah, right. Samoas? Thin mints? Cute little girls? It's all a disguise..."evil, hateful little cookies." Lol!

  2. Kelly
    Our cookies arrive today.
    If people are interested, there are two good sites to play with which shows the content (fat et al) of a huge number of foods and the calorie calculator at which allows you to see what a run has "burned" off.

  3. omg, that picture is priceless.

    those evil little bitches in their cute green or brown uniforms have suckered me in too many times. ... too many times! I say! I buy them at work ... and then leave them out. let my coworkers inhale them ;)

  4. My evil was in the tagalongs. I haven't broken into the samoas yet. It is all a sceme to drive us crazy!! I better go on and see how much fat I consumed...=)


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