Friday, February 13, 2009

The Almost-Lost Workout

I had a busy morning planned today. Here is what was supposed to happen:

8:00 Drop off boys at babysitter's and head to gym
8:30 In the pool for 45 min.
9:30 Run for 45 min, then shower at gym
11:30 Be at church for rehearsal
12:30 Be on my way to Oswego for rehearsal at 1:30
3:45 Home in time to get Ryan off the bus

I packed my bags (flute bag, gym bag, purse--which is a big bag), the boys backpacks, everyone's lunch (in lunch bags), and loaded everything into the car. I drop off the boys and am at the gym at 8:35--a little behind schedule, but I planned some cushion time for that. I grab my iPod out of my purse to put it into my gym bag and...

my gym bag is not there!!

I waffle. I do have my swimsuit on under my clothes, but no towel, goggles, swim cap, running gear, or underwear. (See above schedule and note I am not heading home until 3:45.) I really want to run (and dry off), but to go home and come back would take 40 minutes!

So, I swam anyway. I found some old goggles in my trunk and went for it. And I had a great workout. 45 minutes and 2200 yards. Not bad, I say!!

I head home for my unmentionables and finish the day. I didn't get my run, but I did get great self-satisfaction in my determination to not let circumstances affect my workout.

And the funny thing is, the thing I missed the most from my bag was not my towel or my underwear or my goggles, but my swim cap!


  1. Good for you! And the morning sounds like good practice to transitions.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know - where was the gym bag?
    More than once I have been called "the bag lady" (even my dogs have a bag when they go somewhere with us), so I totally understand. And you managed a great swim workout anyway. Awesome.

  3. that is awesome that you got your swim in even with not having your gym bag! lesser women would have called it a day!


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