Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why I Tri

Why do I do this crazy sport? Today I'm going to try to answer that question as honestly as I can.

I began doing triathlons as a quest for fitness. My son was a little over two years old, and I figured if I could go through 25 hours of labor and give birth, I could pretty much do anything. The summer before I had run my first ever 5k, and I was looking for more of a challenge. All it took was one race--a very slow race on a mountain bike--and I was hooked.

The next summer I had my second son, so no triathlons for me with the exception of the nurse-change diaper-sleep triathlon of motherhood. (If only I had kept track of all of those endurance events!)

The following summer I raced in three races, and improved in each one. And triathlon was slowly becoming something more than just a quest for fitness. Now it was about achieving more and more, not only physically but mentally. How far, how hard could I push myself?

Last summer, I did four triathlons, including my first olympic distance tri. The things I remember most about last summer was how excited I would get when I started seeing bikes on the way to the race; the energy in the air before the race began; how encouraging everyone was during the entire race; how inspired I was by everyone who raced; and how much I loved doing this. When I realized during my olympic race that I was going to beat my goal of 3 hours, I got so emotional I almost started crying. That moment was more memorable to me than the finish!

So, I do triathlons to be fit and become more fit, I do them to challenge myself, I do them for inspiration, and I do them for moments that I will always remember.

Now here's the completely honest part: I also do triathlons because I love telling people I do triathlons. Is that bad?


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