Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sunday Report

Wow. I had a fantastic run today. It was almost a day off, but I sucked it up and headed off to the gym at 4:30. I really wanted to run outside, but it was very snowy (and cold!), and I still don't have any Yaktrax (although they should be coming this week, so I will have NO EXCUSES!). So, off to the gym I went. I was on a treadmill with a tv and to what do my eyes behold???

Pride and Prejudice. Not the one with Colin Firth, unfortunately, but I'll take Jane Austen any way I can get it! And, it was almost to the very best part. You know...the part where it's raining and they are at that temple-like building, and Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth Bennett how lowly she is and how awful her family is, but that despite all of those things he loves her...ardently. The miles flew by. I really should do that more often!!

Anyway, here is the week in miles and minutes:

Swim: 5250.00 Yd 1h 58m 30s

Bike: 2h 11m 23s (all on the spin I want my new bike and a trainer to go with it!)

Run: 16.10 miles 2h 35m 03s

Total 6h 44m 33s

I really think it was the 33 seconds that made the week!!

And here's the flossing update...haven't missed a day yet!!

Have a great night!!

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  1. Love Pride & Prejudice! I hope that you have an awesome week! Thanks for turning me on to this blogging stuff....I really do enjoy it and I am finding so much peace!


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