Saturday, January 31, 2009

January in Numbers

Bike: 12h 19m 38s (on trainer and in spin class)
Run: 7h 08m 56s - 44.33 Mi
Swim: 7h 56m 43s - 21200 Yd
Cross-Country Skiing : 1h 15m 28s

Total Training: 28h 40m 45s

Pounds Lost: 5

Times Flossed: 31 (clearly the most impressive number in the bunch)

Sponsorships: 2 (Trakkers and Gu)

Days until Half-Ironman Training Begins: 28

Times my Kids made me Laugh: More than I could ever count...I love being a mother.

Here's looking forward to a February that adds up to everything January was!


  1. Great month-those are numbers to be proud of! I hope that February is just as good or even better-enjoy.

  2. thanks for stopping by :) Great January numbers ... al around!


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