Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ain't No Other Man

Yesterday my husband, Kelly, came home and said the strangest thing he has ever said to me. But, first, a little background.

My husband is a wonderful man. He is strong and quiet. He is smart and loving. He is a wonderful father. He is funny and fit. He is not, however, spontaneous or extravagant. And that is okay with me. Kel decided at my last triathlon that he wanted to give it a go this year, so he has been researching bikes. A lot.

So this is what he said.

He said, "I found the tri bike I want at The Bikery today. It's a Cervelo P2 SL. I'm getting a deal, and it's only going to cost $----.--..."

wow. Get ready, here comes the crazy part....

"...and I think you deserve one too!"

Yep, you got it, folks. Not only did he buy something for himself (which is totally out of character for him), he told me to go get one for myself! I was so excited last night, I hardly slept.

I ordered the bike today (also a Cervelo P2 SL, but a different year so not the same color as Kel's), and it should be here by mid-week. Oh, man, I'm going to be fast this year.

The crazy thing is, while I'm excited almost beyond words about the bike, I'm more excited that Kel really took a step outside of himself and did something totally spontaneous and extravagant.

I knew I picked a good one!

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