Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Po-ten-tial [ pə ténshəl ] (noun): the capacity to develop, succeed or achieve

When I began thinking about New Year's Intentions, (I long ago gave up calling them resolutions--intentions are so much more doable) at first I started making my list as usual. You know, lose ten pounds, eat healthy, become more fit, be a better mother, practice my flute more...the list goes on. As I looked at the things on my list, I realized almost all of them had to do with me achieving my potential. Becoming the very best me I can be. Wow, that is some kind of intention!

I think I have always been trying to do this. What is the driving force behind this quest for excellence? I have to admit it sometimes wears me down, but I think what wears me down is knowing I could have done something a little bit better, put a little more effort in, been more involved. What if I took a year and tried my very best to be my very best? What would it take? Would I be happy if I did it?

I have really been thinking about applying this in the most important aspects of my life: my life as a Christian, my life as a mommy, my life as a wife, and my life as a triathlete. Of course there are specifics, and those will follow in another post. Ulitmately, I want to be able to say that I did my very best, that I achieved my full potential for this year, 2009. This is my New Year's intention.


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